6 Essential design tips for your first marketing campaign

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6 Essential design tips for your new businesses first marketing campaign

You know your new business exists but no one else knows it does! Your first marketing campaign needs to be fresh and remarkable but when you’re starting out so you don’t exactly have a huge budget for marketing resources. It can be hard to get the right look when you’re not from a design background.

What can I use to keep my costs to the minimum? There is lots of free image content creation software and website you can use; Pablo, Canva, Easel.ly, Placeit, also click here to get started with your own stock photography for free!

Now you’ve got your free tools, how do I make good looking marketing campaign? And what should I keep in mind when designing it?

Keep it simple

Simplicity never fails, less is always more. That’s the best design advice I’ve ever received. Make it easy for your audience and don’t let your design get too cluttered.

White Space

First of all, what is “white space”? White space is giving elements space between each other to stop cluttering. Giving elements breathing room makes a world of difference. Spacing in between the lines and letters is also very important, not too much, but not too tight either.


Typography plays a big role in creating visual hierarchy and contrast. With keeping things simple in mind, it’s best to use one or two fonts rather than lots and just change the type size. Pick your lowest font size first and go from there. Your smallest font size will be used for the body of text, second biggest will be used for headings and the largest will be used for titles.


Picking colours is not an easy task. But, there are tools out there that’ll help you find complementary colours and create your colour palate. Adobe Colour is a great tool to help you with this process, as is Paletton. Try to pick one or two colours – keeping it simple.


You need to pick the right photos to match the style and capture the feel of your business. However, picking the right high-resolution photos can be time-consuming. For good free photography resources, go to the top of this post to source some great FREE stock photos.


It’s important to keep your design elements consistent. For example, if you’re using one style of font on one part of the leaflet, make sure you use the same style on the rest of the page or at least match it.

Keep using these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better designer in no time.