The Art Of Mastering Creative Thinking

Table of Contents

Everyone has their own way of being creative and generating ideas, but we think we have finally cracked the formula for it!

This theory can be simplified to this:

(no. of ideas x no. of people) x creative interaction = time/creativity

A theory is only a theory until you put it into practice, how can you put this into practice? When a new brief or task comes onto your desk get your team together or if you are a one-man band sit and read through the requirements then send your team away for one hour to come up with as many ideas as they possibly can. Not computer’s, no internet, just put pen to paper ideas. They can be sketches, written notes, annotations the point of this is let peoples creativity run wild.

When they come back from the hour everyone must present every idea they’ve had; no idea is a bad idea. While presenting you need to talk through each idea and think it is worthwhile or how you can progress it further. Once all ideas have been presented, you need to narrow down your idea’s to a select few. Then your team show goes away and develops these idea’s further. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the best end product. This simple formula can make your business more efficient and CREATIVE!

What can you do if can’t think of ideas?

  1. Think laterally – Come at the problem from another angle. If nothing else, it will sharpen your mind.
  2. Concentrate on your market – What are they used to seeing in their market? What would make them sit up and take note?  What can you do to challenge the norm? Are your ideas relevant?
  3. Try the “what if” game – Put the phrase what if in front of everything you want to test on your project. This way you will have tested your ideas from every angle.
  4. Reread the brief – It is surprising how often that can focus the mind on the actual task.
  5. Don’t just sit there – you would be better off going to the pub.