Reduce costs & improve sustainability

Build confidence and understand what can be done, and should be done, in your business to become more sustainable; whether that means economically, environmentally or socially.


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What will we cover on the course?

Bee Ready attendees will leave with practical tools they can use to improve their business processes. From the course you will:

Are you prepared to become sustainable?

This course is perfect for those who want to become economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. This is training to ensure that you walk away with simple methods that you can put in place to future-proof your business.

The Bee Ready Course will enable you to set up your business to undertake future endeavours. You will look at cost savings, creating new business value, along with fostering relationships and reaching new target audiences through sustainability.

More details about the course

Course Duration

Four days of intensive training to generate more sustainable business for the future.

Entry Requirements

To have this course funded, you must have a business address in the Tees Valley.

Course Audience

This programme is aimed at those with ambition and drive to make a difference to their organisation. You recognise that your organisation has the potential to keep growing and want time to focus on your plans while looking into the future.

Schedule Options

We have multiple courses in all the different areas to fit your busy schedule.

Enrolment Value

This course can be fully-funded, however the value of the training on this programme is £2,000.


This programme features a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Climate Change and Enviromental Awareness

What Our LEarners Have To Say

"Course was direct and to the point. Trainer was extensive knowledge and was understanding of what was being delivered. Everything learnt can be introduced to my business if the financial means is available."

"With this training, I have gained confidence in making strategic changes for my business which will enable me and my team to the sustainable actions and achive sustainable development. I have finalised my values of my organisation."

"I have learnt so much - i do have massive interest and care for our environment. Connor is so inspirational and his passion for what he is teaching comes across so well. Very clear and simple but certainly makes us think of ways to improve in our lives and in our business. I am very glad I took the course - it’s been so useful. Thank you so much."

"I have really enjoyed thise course and that it has been knowledge and research based. I feel more informed on our impact on the environment as individuals and as businesses. Moving forward, I feel confident that I can make a positive impact with my business and achieve my goals to align my business with my personal values."

Are you ready to make your business economically, environmentally and socially sustainable?