February 28, 2018

How do you put two videos together?

If you want to edit two videos together to make one awesome video, or just piece/splice some individual shots together - here's how you do it for free. We use HitFilm for this demo.
February 15, 2018

New to using WordPress? These are important shortcuts you need

I know from experience the first time you open up WordPress it can be a confusing interface to use eventually it becomes second nature to you. Next time you go to post a blog, try using these shortcodes to make your life easier.
January 30, 2018

How to post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

For a long time, you've only been able to post to Instagram using your smartphone or a notification-based scheduling process. That's now changed and you can post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite! Here's what you need to know (and possibly a small change you'll need to make to your Instagram profile)
January 29, 2018
Everything You Need To Know About Your Self Assessment

Everything You Need To Know About Your Self Assessment

This is a guest post by Jill Hindmarsh from Allen Sykes Ltd. As we approach the 31st of January, millions of taxpayers have yet to file […]
January 18, 2018

Sales Navigator for Gmail (Rapportive Update)

Are you a G Suite user? Have you used Rapportive in the past - it's now become LinkedIn Sales Navigator! Check out this awesome tool to bring LinkedIn information straight into your Gmail inbox.
January 18, 2018

How to use LinkedIn

I'm a big LinkedIn fan, for business networking, it's practically unrivalled. But so many of the folks I speak to don't 'get it' - which is a huge missed opportunity. As with all social platforms, LinkedIn has its own flavour, its own voice and its own pace. There are some terms and features that it's worth discussing here in this article, so take a look and see how you're using your own account.
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