October 19, 2017

Would you like a cookie?

It's a legal requirement in the EU that if your website uses cookies, you must give your visitors information about what you're tracking and why. If you're not doing this, here's some guidance on how you can correct that right now - and a free tool that you can use to set it up.
October 12, 2017

Twitcher – Twitter Account Switcher

Are you a user of the Twitter Web Client ( If you are, and you have more then one Twitter account, you're going to love this tool - it allows you to manage more than one account when using, so you can engage easily as your brand AND yourself.
October 5, 2017

Running a Facebook Competition

You may well have heard that you're 'not allowed to do this' or 'Facebook won't allow you to do that' in connection with contests and competitions using the social network. In case that's what you're wondering, then that's correct; there are certain things you cannot ask people to do in order to participate in your promotions.
September 29, 2017

How to see who’s sharing your content on Twitter

Seeing who's sharing your content on Twitter is vital for any brand to measure their influence, but what about when someone doesn't tag you in their Tweet? Can you still see who's sharing your content if they don't tag you? In this article, we show you why you should be using this method of social listening and how to do this easily
September 21, 2017

Do I need an SSL certificate? (Making your website secure)

Using an SSL certificate to secure/encrypt information on your website is something that all businesses can do, but did you know that Google uses this as a ranking signal - so websites that work on the https version will receive a boost in search results. We take a closer look at why and how you get one for your site
September 21, 2017
How To Write Content For Your First Website

How To Write Content For Your First Website

It's your first website so you want to get it right first time! I get that but your website content should be more than information
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