You Handle Your Business While We Handle Your Bookkeeping

Affordable bookkeeping & accounting services to give you back one thing you can’t buy: time.

Your Tax, Sorted…

What should you claim for? What shouldn’t you? And how much tax should you save up for?

You can’t be expected to know everything you’re entitled to claim for. There are thousands of them. After all, you started your business because you know about your business, not bookkeeping and accounts. Do yourself a favour, make a smart business decision, and let us take care of it for you.

How much tax are you paying?

Instant Data For Quick Decisions

Can you afford that new company car? How’s your profit looking this month? Who owes you money?

Having your updated accounts at your fingertips means when you need answers, they’re there. And to make it even easier, we’ll set you up on a simple online bookkeeping and accounting software.

Feel In Control of Your Finances

You’re on top of everything else in your business, so why should your books be any different?

Your accounts is usually a niggling job you keep putting off, but it’s a bad habit that could cost you money, time, and stress further down the line. Use our affordable bookkeeping and accountancy service so you can invest your time and energy into growing your business instead of balancing your books.

For affordable bookkeeping & accounting services look no further than EMS: Bookkeeping.

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Who We Support

Whether you’re a start-up, scale-up, fix boilers, or sell makeup, your bookkeeping and accounts are safe with us.

  • Sole Traders
  • Trades
  • SMEs
  • Freelancers

Over 5000 businesses and counting rely on Made Simple Bookkeeping to keep their numbers in order, and in three quick steps you can too.

How It Works



  • Trying to connect the dots on the internet?
  • Worried the information you’re getting isn’t up to date or even right?
  • Want to do your accounts yourself, but need a hand getting started?

Our hour-long training is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Get 1:1 advice to learn everything you need to know to get your accounts right the first time.

One-Off Cost: £300

Done-For-You Bookkeeping

  • Trying to connect the dots on the internet?
  • Don’t want the stress of doing your own tax return?
  • Want an affordable alternative to an accountant?

Our Made Simple Bookkeeping service is for you. Arrange your FREE consultation and decide how much, or little, of the work you want us to take care of.

From: £30 per hour+VAT

Cheaper Than An Accountant

And we’ll give you more attention. You see, accountants often prefer working with the big fish. Sometimes they don’t have time to give you, someone who’s new to this, the time to teach you and check your books.

We’re here for you to take the stress of accounts off your shoulders, letting you get on with your business.

Call us now on 01642 061200, or use our easy online booking form to set up your FREE consultation.

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