The Growth Programme

Business Growth & Marketing programme to kick start your businesses growth in 2022


Our Growth Programme is two intensive courses designed to deconstruct your business and business practices, with the aim of helping you re-evaluate where you are, whether it’s working, and how to change it if it’s not.

Our Growth Programme is designed to take the business owner/employee out of their business and give them time to work ON their business.

Completing this programme will help you:

Who is the course for?

The growth programme is aimed at those with ambition and drive to make a difference to their organisation. You recognise that your organisation has the potential to keep growing and want time to focus on your plans. 

Learning Path

This concentrates on looking at the organisation as it stands now and how it can operate more efficiently and effectively. You will also look at your social media presence and how to refine it. 

Key topics include:

  • Business skills
  • Routes to market
  • Business Process Model
  • Financial forecasts
  • Social media platforms
  • Marketing plan
  • SEO
  • Target audiences
  • Online profile
  • Digital content
  • Analyse effectiveness

Greater Growth looks at the organisation in the future and what you want it to become. You will look at things from a strategic point of view and how you can scale up so you are in a position to deliver more work. 

Key topics include:

  • Goal setting
  • Sales process
  • Tendering / contracts/ collaborative work
  • Managing change
  • Social media – organic growth

A short course online, learn how to market your business online and generate more leads.

We can show you how to do this using nothing but free tools. We will walk and talk you through creating content to hook your audience in, capture your audience’s attention, and how to provide amazing value to your audience.

A short course online, helping you to identify uncertainties in your business, internal strengths and weakness and how to respond to external impact.

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