Coaching Individuals
and Teams

Coaching Individuals and Teams

We understand the massive challenges facing businesses, generally but also more specifically now as a result of the Covid Pandemic and we are able to deliver our coaching both face to face and digitally.

We are committed to bringing the best of the world to all of the businesses we work with and we have several areas of specialism, which make’s what we can offer on a coaching basis unique to us.

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Areas we concentrate on from a coaching perspective to make sure you and your business grow, scale and surpass your expectations.

— Business Growth and Development
— Leadership and Management Development in conjunction with Design Thinking and organisational change
— Business Recovery and Resilience
— Lean techniques for change and crisis
— Developing new Routes to Market and using the Ideate technique to develop new products and services
— Managing and building thriving teams in an entrepreneurial environment
— Customer Analytics for Growth
— Using Strategic Partnerships to drive Growth

— Measuring, Capturing and retaining value whilst developing a pricing strategy for growth
— Innovation and opportunity
— Digital business model innovation
— Innovative Finance models
— Succession planning
— Selling a business
— Business continuity and development
— Design and Lean thinking to grow a business
— Marketing and Sales development
—Sales strategies for growth

— Online Digital growth for business – social and SEO
— AI and Data for business growth
— Blogging and Podcasting for Growth
— Entrepreneurial Management Approaches
— Innovation Barriers
— Developing customer experiences based on Data mining
— Product Process Model identification
— Identifying a Revenue Process model
— Lean Validation Principles


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And many others, specific to each business owner we work with.

We do not have a one size fits all approach, all our coaching is bespoke and developed based upon the person we are working with.

Our coaching service is usually delivered to either the business principle or the management team and this is usually based around specific business problems or planning for growth.

We have an accountancy function which we bring in to these sessions often to go through the whole finance function to identify areas of growth.

Our training and consultancy is not sector specific and we have a range of experience across numerous sectors.

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