Category: Marketing

Category: Marketing

What digital techniques can I apply to traditional marketing?

When you invest money in traditional marketing, such as business cards, leaflets or posters, you want to make sure you get something in return. Adding some digital techniques to those marketing materials can help you understand whether your methods are working.

In this video, Lauren explains how to apply those digital techniques to your traditional marketing and how they can help you measure how successful your marketing strategy is. Spoiler alert – it’s probably way easier than you think it is!

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Flipchart Sessions: Running a Christmas Competition on Social Media
Business Development

Running a Christmas Competition on Social Media

Are you thinking of running a competition on your social media?

Competitions are a fantastic way to increase engagement with your content and your brand in general.

However, there are some things you need to think about before giving it a go! In this video, Adam explains how to prepare and gives useful tips on how to succeed!

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