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November 16, 2020
3 Reasons Why You Should Change the Way You Think About Copy On Social

3 Reasons Why You Should Change the Way You Think About Copy On Social

Time is money. Which is why we're here to convince you why you need to think about the way you communicate with your audience on social! Read more here...
November 5, 2020
How to start a hashtag

How to start a hashtag

Having a hashtag for your business can be a useful addition to your online marketing to either get in front of new [relevant] people or to curate your own content together to help people discover more content of the same value. Whether it's Twitter or Instagram (or arguably any platform these days), using a hashtag is an easy-to-add, effective resource.
January 22, 2020

Talk Digital: Inviting Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

A trend seems to be sweeping Facebook right now - or at least, it is through my notifications. Its basic premise is to encourage you to trade Page invites and while it has an apparent immediate boost, it ultimately carries some long-term problems and maybe even some penalties. In this week's episode, Amy and I talk about what this means for your Facebook Page, how you should be dealing with it and what issues you should be aware of.
January 19, 2020

Two tips for connecting to people on LinkedIn you should know

Here's a couple of really simple to use features of LinkedIn that makes connecting easily and effective - here's are guide on how and when to use them.
December 5, 2019

Give the gift of support this Christmas

There are some really simple, but highly effective things you can do (or ask your audience to do) to help small & local businesses increase their reach and engagement - and for most people, it starts with just a swipe of a finger.
November 27, 2019

Our Guide to ‘User Generated Content’

'User Generated Content' is an incredibly powerful way of growing your brand online through trust and authenticity. Read more about our guide to UGC and how it can help your brand grow here...
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