November 30, 2020
Digital checklist for your business

Digital checklist for your business

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Or perhaps you already have your own business, but you're not sure whether you've got all your digital ducks in a row. I have worked with thousands of businesses, and I am often asked, "What online things do I need to have in place for my business?".
July 31, 2019

Is it possible to have pages of your website look different to the rest?

Community Question: Is it possible to have pages of your website look different to the rest? I answer how you can achieve this for your business.
April 15, 2019

How much does a website cost?

We don’t do anything at Hypestar Giggling GIF from Kevin GIFs Let me start by saying, especially for those reading who haven’t yet had the opportunity […]
March 12, 2019

Where’s the best place to buy a domain name from?

Need a domain name? Where should you buy one from? We take a look at what you need to know, the features you may not have heard of and things to look our for when choosing a domain registrar.
November 23, 2017

Take a peek at your website through someone else’s eyes

Figuring out what's working well on your website (and what isn't) can be tricky. We've used this great free tool to get a 5-minute video of a person using your website or app. Come take a look at what our feedback was and how you can get your free test.
October 26, 2017

Is your website mobile friendly: here’s how you check

Making sure your website works well on a mobile device is essential these days. Here's a quick, free tool that lets you check how well yours is working. We also look at how to take that to a new level and start designing content specific to the device the user is on.
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