Enterprise Education

Working With Universities

At EMS we have been working with many UK based Universities, developing their enterprise offering across a number of different subjects and disciplines.

This has included working with Students at all levels, graduates, researchers and academic staff to ensure that an interesting embedding of entrepreneurship can be added into everything from a graduate who wants to explore an idea, a post graduate who want to monetise research and a staff member who can see the value of adding academic enterprise into their curriculum.

We have delivered this work directly to students and others, we have trained members of staff and other delivery functions to deliver impactful work and we have helped to redevelop existing content, both face to face and digitally.

From our years of practical experience, we have discovered just how entrepreneurship education is incredibly important, but that lot’s of the current mainstream approaches are outdated, funding dependent and lack inspired engagement from non-academic input.

Give Your Entrepreneurs The Best Opportunity!

We have found that entrepreneurship in most cases is being taught as a linear process. A process that is predictable, static and the same for any type of entrepreneurial output. However, enterprise is not just about starting a business and many who access entrepreneurial education will not start a business.

It is designed to embed entrepreneurial talent into every walk of life and most importantly to enable the participants to embed this into everything they do.

But entrepreneurship is often not predictable, it is complex, often chaotic, and lacking in any notion of linearity. It requires creative thinking lots of design thinking elements, to include proto typing and running through scenarios as well as the development of personal risk taking and confidence.

Our approach to teaching entrepreneurship is based on action and practice, we want people to understand but we also want to go beyond text book learning – we build practice, ideation, design thinking and most importantly practical resourcing into everything we develop and help Universities embed.