Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know About Snapchat

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Ah yes, SnapChat. How we love your many filters, your extensive range of Bitemoji’s and the recent addition of SnapChat Groups.

But did you know these facts:

SnapFact #1

Snapchat ghost has a name! It’s called Ghostface Chillah… it’s named after Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan.

SnapFact #2

When Snapchat first launched in September 2011, Snapchat went by the name Picaboo… Good choice of renaming your app if you ask me.

SnapFact #3

Before coming up with Snapchat, the owners had tried and failed with 34 projects prior to its launch. If that isn’t a lesson on perseverance I don’t know what is.

SnapFact #4

Snapchat’s Video Views Are Now Greater Than Facebook’s – take that Zuckerburg.

SnapFact #5

60% Of All Smartphone Users Are Now On Snapchat

SnapFact #6

They got the idea for disappearing photos after their friend regretted sending a picture to someone else. I’m guessing it wasn’t the most flattering of pictures or #EggPlantEmoji

SnapFact #7

Amazingly, 93% of Snapchat users have taken a photo of their drink. Bottoms up if you ask me!

SnapFact #8

Millennials Account For 7 Out Of 10 Snapchatters. We finally found a social platform our parents aren’t on woooo!

SnapFact #9

Now, we are all guilty of this one. 65% of users will retake a selfie 1-5 times before they send it. By the fourth attempt, I’ve normally nailed it.

SnapFact #10

Snapchat Now Has More Users Than Twitter

SnapFact #11

60% Of Snapchat Users Are Between The Ages Of 18 And 34

SnapFact #12

It Would Take 158 Years To Watch Every Snapchat Story – this could either be the best or worst movie ever.
Sources: Buzzfeed & Media Kix