Generate more website traffic using these advert tricks

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Using website adverts like Google Ads are a great way of generating traffic for your website. But how can we guarantee a high click-through rate? Well, you can’t guarantee it however there are a few little tricks you can do to increase your click-through rate on your adverts.

Put offers in your headline to entice viewers

Don’t just put your offer in the fine print of your website, tell people about it! You should put this in your headline because most searchers will only read the headline and nothing else. So putting your offers will be more inviting to your visitors – who doesn’t love a discount?

When writing adverts you can be restricted by character length resulting in having to drop words from your adverts. You can put these keywords in your URL to emphasise what your advert is about and why they should click on it. If you try to match the search term in both the URL and the headline you are on to a winning ad.

First of all, a link extension is an extra line of text that appears below your advert. They will look similar to organic search sitelinks that appears when you search for a company. You can have up to 4 sitelinks to appear under your advert, you can make more sitelinks for your advert and Google will choose which is best to be displayed depending on the search term. Having these in your advert can provide direction for your user to visit your site, also it allows you to have an extra two lines under each link. Also using these extra links will cause your advert to stand out more and take up more space on the search engine showing more of your advert and less of your competitors.

Capitalise words in your headlines

Make your adverts stand out by capitalising the first letter in each word. It has been proven to increase advert click-through rate as it stands out from other adverts that don’t capitalise their headlines.