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Interview with Philip Teasdale, Chief Executive

Read an interview with Philip Teasdale, Chief Executive of EMS to find out more about his story and why he started his business!

Phil, what is your position within the company?

‘Chief Executive’

Tell us a little about your background

Wow, where to start! I lived and worked in London for a long time and whilst city life was great, I longed to return to the North East. 14 years ago I came back to Middlesbrough, set up home and decided to start a business based upon the work I had carried out for others. It seemed like the logical thing to do’.

When was Enterprise Made Simple established?

Phil smiles whilst saying ‘The magic began in 2008 and it’s been a fabulous journey to date’.

Can you tell us about some of the daily tasks you undertake?

‘It’s a difficult question to answer really as most of the things you do daily are automatic. I get involved in the delivery of our business growth workshops, oversee all contracts, manage the staff, liaise with potential clients, meet with other enterprise organisations, funders and am a business adviser at a top university in the region. The list goes on really’. Phil goes on to tell us how he is more than happy to get involved with the general day to day chores such as washing up, emptying the bins and filing. There is slight laughter in the room at this point whilst Mr Teasdale on the other hand remains deadly serious.

Do you feel that you and your team at Enterprise Made Simple make a difference to new and existing businesses?

‘Yes absolutely. We have received excellent feedback from delegates attending our Going for Growth workshops, designed to increase sales and leads by 84%. The mentoring team we employ have been chosen because they all currently run or have ran their own businesses. The knowledge and expertise between them is easily relayed to clients and delegates who feed from not only their positive experiences but negative ones also in the form of learning curves’.

What does the future hold for Enterprise Made Simple?

‘Further contracts and expansion of the business. I am keeping those cards close to my chest for now though’.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 items with you what would they be?

Phil takes some time to think about this. ‘I would take……….’ long pause, ‘a genie in a lamp……..’, pause again, ‘a ship and the metro centre – then I would have everything I could possibly need’! We feel Phil may have been slightly over-generous with his desert island allowance!

You are still on the desert island and can invite one person. Who would this be & Why?

Everyone in the office at this point expecting Phil to state he will take his wife. Again there is a long pause. ‘…… Kylie, no wait, Mylie Cyrus, no! The Little Mermaid because she is great on land or at sea……. actually, if we are going down the fictional route let’s go with Jessica Rabbit’. The team await with baited breath before Phil says adamantly ‘Madonna – she is my perfect woman’.

Thank you Phil Teasdale!

It is clear from the interview that the head of Enterprise Made Simple is not only professional, passionate and striving to help businesses within the North East, he also has a great sense of humour – a great asset every business owner should employ.

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