Learn Leadership techniques to build, lead, and empower teams.


Our Leadership & Management programme provides a solid foundation and introduction to Leadership and Management. The course will equip managers, leaders, and those aspiring to move into leadership roles with strategies and tools to support team development at all levels.

You’ll learn the tools, techniques, behaviours, and principles of leadership and increase your confidence and skills in leading, empowering, and supporting highly engaged teams. You’ll also develop your emotional intelligence, personal resilience, communication skills, and self-awareness; all of which are important skills in effective leadership.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for newly appointed managers looking to develop their leadership skills. As well as, existing team leaders looking to refresh their management styles to inspire their teams.

Learning Path

You will walk away with the skills to:

  • Discover the key concepts and aims associated with leadership

  • Demonstrate your communication and feedback skills and apply strategies for more effective ways of utilising the feedback in the team

  • Recognise ways to improve your confidence and skill at leading people in an environment

  • Reflect on your own Leadership style and develop a greater sense of yourself, especially your strengths and positive traits

  • Explore leadership tools, techniques, behaviours and principles

  • Evaluate your own approach as an Leader and how you work with your team and the wider organisation

  • Develop techniques and strategies to empower, steward and support highly engaged teams


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