Digital Hype: More Leads. More Interest. More Often.

Learn how to market your business online to bring in more regular, more profitable leads.

  • Reach more customers
  • Market your business online
  • Build a digital resource that works tirelessly around the clock
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What our learners think about Digital Hype:

Marketing your business online is ESSENTIAL.

But where do you start? Some online courses are expensive and too hard for beginners, while trying to learn yourself from different websites is too unreliable and overwhelming.

So what if there was an inexpensive, easy to follow, effective alternative? A course which costs you just $99 that helps you set up an effective online marketing strategy using nothing but FREE TOOLS?

You’d be interested in that, wouldn’t you?

Whether you’re upskilling yourself or a member of your team

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What You’ll Learn:

Learn how to attract interested and primed customers every single week with minimal month-to-month upkeep.

And create a sales funnel from scratch with THREE COURSES IN ONE:

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(Recommended for residents who live outside of the Teesside area)
  • Work in your own time
  • Study at your own pace
  • Invite to In Cahoots With Phil to network with thousands of business owners

Average time to complete (part-time): 2 weeks.

Investment: $99

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(Recommended for Teesside locals)

Over two days at our purpose-built training centre in Teesside, you’ll meet with up to 50 like-minded business owners and go through the training as a group.

  • Two-day intensive course
  • Support from business coaches
  • Networking

Investment: Funding available

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