Want a proven framework for successfully launching a new route to market?

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  • Rock-solid tools to make sure your business has the right foundations
  • Motivation and confidence to make a plan and see it through
  • Build your network and meet like-minded people.
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What is a 10% increase in your profits worth to you?

£100 a month? £300 a month? Or more than that?

Is it a weight off your shoulders? An extra holiday a year? More time off with your family?

84% of businesses increase their profit by at least 10% within 10 weeks of finishing Going for Growth. They’re stats you can count on.

See what these business owners took from the course:

Key Skills:

From flustered and confused to focussed and clear.

Join our Going For Growth course now whether you’re in your first year or your second decade in business. Together, step-by-step, well make sure you and your business have the best chance at succeeding – whatever ‘success’ looks like to you.

What the course is not:

  • Death by PowerPoint
  • Done for you solutions
  • All theory

What the course is:

  • Interactive & fun
  • Supportive
  • Immediately applicable

You’ve been on those courses where your notes sit unused in a bottom drawer

Now it’s time for Going For Growth – a framework of concepting, developing, planning and launching a new route to market you can use time and time again.

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What our learners thought about Going For Growth:

Great insight into subjects that I previously had very little experience on really interesting to see how a business process model and financial corcast works looking forward to trying out the business chassis when back at work.


Natalie Harbord

This course has been fantastic. It's enabled myself to take the information I maybe already knew about into spefic actionable tasks to make sure this is implimented in the business. I have learnt some amazing new things such as Business Process Models and the Business Chassis.


Natalie Crawford

How Does It Work?


(Recommended for residents who live outside of the Teesside area)

Split into ten units, you’ll begin by discovering your skills and abilities, assess your current routes to market, plan a new route to market and use our proven framework to see it through.

  • Work in your own time
  • Study at your own pace
  • Invite to In Cahoots With Phil to network with thousands of business owners

Average time to complete (part-time): 3 weeks.

Investment: $499

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(Recommended for Teesside locals)

Over three days at our Digital Executive Education Centre, you’ll meet with up to 50 like-minded business owners and go through the training as a group.

  • Three-day intensive course
  • Support from business coaches
  • Networking

Investment: £500, but funding may be available in your area.

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