Greater Growth: The Next Step Towards Building the Business You Deserve

Greater Growth is for experienced business owners who want to set goals so big it scares them.

  • Instant access online course/Four-day course at our Digital Executive Education Centre
  • Two accredited qualifications
  • 100% applied learning to work ON your business
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Sound familiar?

  • You set goals, but you could aim higher
  • You don’t get a chance to work on your business enough
  • You started your business because you’re good at what you do, not because you wanted to manage people
  • You think your business is doing well, but know it could be better

If ANY of the above sounds familiar, Greater Growth is for you.

What is Greater Growth?

Greater Growth is a four-day intensive deconstruction of your business and business practices, with the aim of helping you re-evaluate where you are, whether it’s working, and how to change it if it’s not.

Who is it for?

This course is for experienced business owners who need expert, strategic support to explore the nuts and bolts of their business.

What does it do for you?

Your chance to tip your business upside down, give it a good shake out and put it back together in the way you want.

Course Content

How Does It Work?


(Recommended for residents who live outside of the Teesside area)
  • Work in your own time
  • Study at your own pace
  • Invite to In Cahoots With Phil to network with thousands of business owners

Average time to complete (part-time): 4 weeks.

Investment: $349

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(Recommended for Teesside locals)

Over three days at our Digital Executive Education Centre, you’ll meet with up to 50 like-minded business owners and go through the training as a group.

  • Three-day intensive course
  • Support from business coaches
  • Networking

Investment: £500, but funding may be available in your area.

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Our learners start the course feeling overwhelmed, stressed and lost.

They leave feeling in control, calm and confident.

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