Inspiration USA!

This Is NOT A Trade Mission

The UK/USA Business Scale and Growth Initiative

This is a brand new 3-month training programme. It is a commitment to yourself and your business and we guarantee you will see amazing results for both.

At the end of the programme you and your business will be inspired, have increased turnover and more importantly profit. You will have made multiple worldwide contacts and been inspired to open the door to even further developments.

Through this programme we will cover:

— A Global Mindset
— Design Thinking
— Business Model Development
— Marketing & Sales
— How to exploit your current data
— Managing People, Change and Growth
— Visit the number 1 place for Entreprenuers... Babson College!

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Inspiration USA!

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What Will Happen Over
The Course Of The Programme?


In United Kingdom

Developing your business for Growth and Scale along with developing your key areas of concentration for the USA visit.


In Boston, USA

We head over to Babson College for a week of excitement and to learn about:

— A Global Mindset: developing global ideas and adapting them for the UK market
— Design Thinking: using design thinking to revolutionise your business and its profits.
— Business Model Development: reviewing and contrasting your current model and developing a change to increase profitability.
— Marketing & Sales: increasing funnels and channels to see immediate results. New and disruptive ways to market for growth.
— How to exploit your current data: Looking at the introduction of AI into your business and its future business to increase profits.
— Managing People, Change and Growth: ensuring you are positioned well to make full use of the challenge.

Along with all of this, we are also:

— Visiting and meeting with businesses from the Boston/Cambridge Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
— Meeting and working with like-minded US businesses to develop knowledge transfer and longer-term business relationships
— The British Consulate is holding a dedicated networking session for us to meet and develop networks with US-based British companies


In United Kingdom

Further area development and reviews of the impact of the programme.

US-based businesses and Professors coming to the UK to redevelop and reiterate past learning and implement even newer and greater Growth and Scaleability processes to maximise our UK business opportunities.

Development of the first UK/US EMS Ambassadors programme – A business opportunity to collaborate, develop and develop links between the two areas. This is the first time this facilitation has been attempted in the UK. You would become the first Ambassadors.


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