Learn Leadership techniques to build, lead, and empower teams

Leading Smarter provides a solid foundation and introduction to Leadership and Management. The course will equip managers, leaders, and those aspiring to move into leadership roles with strategies and tools to support team development at all levels.

What Is Leading Smarter?

Using practice and research-based strategies, you’ll build your skills and knowledge of leadership, which will help you to:

  • Increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Improve team engagement and cohesion
  • Improve communication across teams and leadership levels
  • Reduce workplace stress
  • Reduce workplace conflict
  • Improve the quality and quantity of production

Explore the key principles of leadership and how to apply them to your work

You’ll learn the tools, techniques, behaviours, and principles of leadership and increase your confidence and skills in leading, empowering, and supporting highly engaged teams. You’ll also develop your emotional intelligence, personal resilience, communication skills, and self-awareness; all of which are important skills in effective leadership.

What Skills You Will Walk Away With

  • Discover the key concepts and aims associated with leadership

  • Explore leadership tools, techniques, behaviours and principles

  • Demonstrate your communication and feedback skills and apply strategies for more effective ways of utilising the feedback in the team

  • Evaluate your own approach as an Leader and how you work with your team and the wider organisation

  • Recognise ways to improve your confidence and skill at leading people in an environment

  • Develop techniques and strategies to empower, steward and support highly engaged teams

  • Reflect on your own Leadership style and develop a greater sense of yourself, especially your strengths and positive traits

    What our learners thought about Leading Smarter:

    I attended the Going for Growth and Greater Growth courses at the beginning of 2020, and as a result I have grown my business over the last 12 months to the point where I have needed to employ my first member of staff. As I have never lead or managed people in this capacity before, I wanted to learn some skills and knowledge to give me the confidence to do this to the best of my ability and so I contacted EMS again for help. They explained that the Leadership and Management course could help me fill in the gaps in my knowledge that I felt I was missing. The course delivered on this and then some! There is much more to leading and managing than giving people tasks to complete and I now understand more about my own management style and have tools to be able to give feedback and recognition to staff. I no longer feel like an imposter in my own business and feel confident that I can help grow my team through good leadership and encourage them to achieve their own goals. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is currently in a management position, or has plans to step into such a role in the future.

    Danielle Sutcliffe

    How Does It Work?


    (Recommended for Teesside locals)

    Over four days at our Digital Executive Education Centre, you’ll meet with up to 50 like-minded business owners and go through the training as a group.

    • Four-day intensive course
    • Support from business coaches
    • Networking oppportunities

    Investment: £1000, but funding may be available in your area.

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