Resilience and Recovery: Ready For Anything

Essential knowledge for 2021. Learn the strategy behind making your business crisis ready.

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Discover what is affecting your business and create a recovery plan!


  • Knee-jerk reactions
  • Expensive, unsustainable decisions
  • Guessing and hoping


  • Making informed decisions
  • Thinking strategically
  • Planning with longevity in mind

At the beginning of the pandemic, were you caught like deer in headlights? Frozen, waiting to see what would happen?

Resilience and Recovery gives you a structured ‘way out’ to make the best of any unforeseen situation.

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What You’ll Learn:

Your own resilience and how it works in business
  • How to spring back
  • Build stability
Identify impacts of uncertainty on your business
  • Suppliers
  • Contracts
  • Marketing
Internal strengths and weaknesses
  • Changing staff roles
  • Reflecting on business decisions
External forces on business
  • Regulations
  • Legislation
  • Reviewing processes
What changes can be made for recovery?
  • Accepting change
  • What must be done, must be done
  • Return on investment over knee-jerk
Effective communication in a crisis
  • Who needs to know what, when?
  • Key stakeholders
  • Importance of communication
Resources needed for recovery
  • Software
  • Websites
  • How to get what you need
Review cost implications of resilience in business
  • Funding
  • Payment terms
  • Cash flow
How will you implement the changes needed?
  • Logistics
  • Planning
  • Organisation
Develop an action plan with a timeline for implementation
  • Monitor and measure
  • Deadlines
  • Kick start date

How Does It Work?


(Recommended for residents who live outside of the Teesside area)
  • Work in your own time
  • Study at your own pace
  • Invite to In Cahoots With Phil to network with thousands of business owners

Average time to complete (part-time): 2 weeks.

Investment: $99

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(Recommended for Teesside locals)

Over two days at our Digital Executive Education Centre, you’ll meet with up to 50 like-minded business owners and go through the training as a group.

  • Three-day intensive course
  • Support from business coaches
  • Networking

Investment: £300, but funding may be available in your area.

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