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Going for Growth

Yes, that’s right Going For Growth is back! And it’s completely fully funded!

What is Going For Growth?

It’s an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Developing Enterprise Skills and Level 2 Award in Digital Promotion. This certificate allows you to meet other like-minded SME businesses, gives you time that might not have in your day-to-day life set goals for you and your business.

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What’s in Level 2 Certifcate Developing Enterprise Skills?

Growth & Development
  • We will help you working out and implement solutions to remove those growth barriers
  • Help you identify growth opportunities and putting practical solutions into practice
  • This course help you plan future developments for your business and create a plan for growth
Sales & Marketing
  • Identify areas of marketing opportunities and practical application
  • Develop digital marketing solutions
  • Consider sales techniques and how to implement them
  • Developing a budget and considering practical sources for funding the growth
  • We will be talking about cash flow and how to make it work for you
  • Increasing your profits by at least 10% in 10 weeks

What's in Level 2 Award in Digital Promotion for Business?

Understanding social media
  • Identifying the key points between different platforms and which is best for you; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.
  • Segmenting your audience based on relevant characteristics
  • Explore ideas to create an online identity for an intended audience
Producing digital promotional content for business
  • What’s the right topic for your digital content
  • How should you be hosting that content
  • Keys to creating great content
  • Understanding whether your campaign has worked
Measuring the effectiveness of digital promotion activity for business
  • Understanding analytics
  • Applying what you have learned to your next campaign

Going for Growth is designed to use your own business as the case study so that everything you do and everything you learn has a practical application to your business. This will directly influence the Growth of your business profits.

This is a residential weekend course. The course is delivered in wonderful surroundings, it includes all food, drinks and materials. This is brand new content and brand new ways, tricks and tips to grow your business, develop and utilise your enterprising skills, to build an amazing growth trajectory in your business.

This workshop and qualification are aimed at equipping you, your employees and the companies of the North East, North Yorkshire & Tees Valley to grow, sustain and flourish.

  • Alexandra Percival
    Going for Growth was such a fantastic weekend I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is only very early days for our business but it has definitely been the best step we have taken so far.
    I was given the opportunity to work with so many amazing business people and continue networking.
    Carol and Nick couldn’t have been more enthusiastic and helpful. They definitely made the weekend what it was and have so much knowledge and experience that they are more than willing to share. I have been able to gain a lasting experience, which will serve us in years to come as we grow our business.
    I would like to say a huge thank you to all involved.
    Alexandra Percival
    Phoebe & Noah (bunting and crafting)
  • Louise Morton

    I have been on loads of courses on various subjects over the years & I can honestly say that this was THE BEST!  They were both very knowledgeable & friendly.  The course was delivered in a very professional but fun way and they made sure that everyone was engaged & were included every step of the way.

    The course delegates were from a variety of businesses, each with their own ideas & expertise.  It was lovely that everyone was able to share, help & support each other & it is a great opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people to grow your own network.

    The Hawkhills was a fabulous venue.  The accommodation was comfortable & welcoming.  The food was excellent, with something for everyone.  It was a perfect setting for the weekend.

    There is a lot to take in, but the weekend is packed full of useful hints & tips.  It’s sometimes hard to find the time during the week to work on growing your business.  Being away from distractions allows you to invest that time on planning ahead to give you the very best chance of success.

    I would encourage anyone/everyone thinking of going on this course to make the time & DO IT!  I have already told lots of people about it.  You’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain.  It’s perfect if you want the tools to succeed in business.

    Louise Morton
    LAM Bookkeeping
  • Dave Metcalfe
    After a few decades of business, I have done my fair share of courses, both funded and non-funded, and I have to say that this course was by far and away the best one I’ve done. The content of the course and its delivery were exactly at the level I wanted. I have already recommended it to a business friend and will do so again when the opportunity arises.
    Dave Metcalfe
    Wilton Signs
  • Heidi Knights
    Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the incredible weekend we just had at GFG - aside from the glorious location & incredible profiterole abundance, I have come away feeling hugely uplifted by the wonderful support and ideas generated. I now feel equipped with the tools to move forward positively by following an achievable plan. As a brand new sole trader living with a health condition, business feels scary to another level, but you helped me look at mitigating risks and putting plans in place to manage whatever life throws at us. As we know - business also has a deeply personal side.
    I loved meeting everyone from such a diverse range of backgrounds and feel encouraged I have a family of support now - where sometimes being a sole trader can feel like a bit of a lonely place.
    Thanks also for the amazing walk and motivational chats. It caught me at a time of being in a sea of self-doubt and worry I can't do it all, and you taught me to recognise the good things I have done, no matter how small.
    Thank you both and hope to see you on blogging! I want to blog about the emotional impact of GFG!
    Heidi Knights
    Heidi Knights Photography
  • Shirley Wells
    This was a fantastic marketing course for small businesses. They were intensive very long days, but I met some fab people and learnt loads. The accommodation, course and amazing trainers (people not footwear!) along with the fabulous food was all funded. I would really encourage you to go if you are a small business.
    Shirley Wells
    Shirley Wells Art
  • Lisa Jackson
    I decided to do the Going for Growth course after completing the Eureka course which gave me the push to get started with my business idea.
    The content of the course was exactly what I needed to push my new business forward and gave me the confidence to go ahead with the ideas I had.
    The trainers Carol and Nic were both patient, supportive and very knowledgeable.
    The venue was superb with beautiful relaxing surroundings and with excellent accommodation and food, it helped make it a good learning environment.
    I could not recommend this course any higher for anyone wanting to give their business a boost. Other delegates who had been running their businesses for many years also had lots of tips and advice which was a bonus to the fantastic content already in place.
    I have got to give huge appreciation to Carol and Nic who taught me I could help to boost my business and be a sumo wrestler at once, and in just a few days I have swallowed many frogs.
    Lisa Jackson
  • Andrea Gilbertson
    I'm still buzzing from last weekend !!! Thankfully I've been able to keep hold of the energy from last weekend & run with it, and that's mainly down to the support of a fab bunch of people !! I definitely think the course has given me a bit more self-belief and I loved looking at the business from different angles and different areas and to get feedback from people who aren't just your regular friends telling you your business idea is great but then not necessarily giving any more input than that, the whole weekend was brilliant to receive and give support to like-minded people with a lot of genuine oomph & enthusiasm !!!
    Andrea Gilbertson
  • Chloe Hart
    What I expected from the weekend was some useful information. What I got from the weekend was Fantastic training, much new networking connections, a clear path to grow my business and a lot of laughs. Thank you, Carol and James, for doing such a superb job!
    Chloe Hart
    Chloe Hart Bodyworks
  • Tracy Burleigh
    What an absolutely, mind-blowing, amazing weekend.
    When I found out, everything I needed to know about this course, it was obviously the right time because straight away I said: "how do I book!"
    I am guilty, as are many of us, of not spending enough time 'on' my business, and being a business consultant I really felt I needed to do for my business, what I do for my clients.
    This certainly looked like the perfect opportunity to do just that... And it was!
    Over the 3 days, I learned so much (much more than I expected was possible)
    The wealth of knowledge (and energy) that trainers Carol and James have is just bonkers! They are so passionate about what they do it really shows.
    Their delivery method is fun and relaxed and easy to understand which is my preferred learning style.
    however I'm not saying these 3 days were just a jolly because trust me, they worked us "hard" but it was so worth it!
    Having 3 full days to really concentrate and work on MY business with the support of these 2, and 40 odd other amazing business owners.....priceless!
    Would I do it all again? hell yes! Would I recommend it to anyone who hears about it and to whom it seems interesting? yes yes yes!
    If you are pondering as to if its right for you...speak to one of the team! if it sounds "at all" interesting go for it! .......ps they have sweets and there is coffee on tap inc you can do it :0)
    Tracy Burleigh
  • Liz Cornish
    For anybody running a small business who goes cold at the thought of business planning or developing a social media marketing programme....this is the course for you. It is fast-paced and engaging, packing in a mass of useful information, delivered by trainers who really know what they are talking about. Can't recommend it strongly enough!
    Liz Cornish
  • Mamta Scally
    Thank you again for such an inspirational weekend!!!
    The weekend was epic and totally exceeded my expectations. I firmly believe it will change my life (for the good!)
    Mamta Scally
  • Laura Richardson
    WOW! The GFG weekend exceeded all of my expectations. It was interactive, focused and fun with lots of experience and support in the room from not only the trainers but the delegates too. I have come away with my toolkit full ready to develop my business to the next level.
    Laura Richardson
  • Sofia Massingberd-Mundy
    I got talking to Andrea at a recent networking event and she gave me details surrounding the Going for Growth fully funded training weekend. My first thought was - it’s free, so what’s the catch? To put it simply, there isn’t one! The course is excellent for start-ups or SME's looking for ways in which to grow their business. The weekend gives you time to sit and focus on your business, your approach, your routes to market and your procedures whilst also considering future growth and putting a plan in place to achieve it. The support from others, networking and opportunities for collaboration are an added bonus. Nic and Carol were our trainers and both had a wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiring case studies. Overall a great weekend in a beautiful location with lovely food and an amazing yet eclectic group of people!
  • Chris Gill
    Carol and the team at Enterprise Made Simple delivered an outstanding Going for Growth training course. They brought a perfect blend of experience, insight, anecdote and humour to exceed all of my objectives for the weekend. Carol and Nic were extremely generous in sharing their longstanding experience of social media and business development and created a genuinely collaborative environment for a diverse bunch of businesses and business owners to come together and participate - I might add that it was cracking cohort of people brought together by chance but supported by highly skilled facilitators. While this was fully funded training I would have no hesitation in investing our money buying additional training from Carol and her team
    Chris Gill
    J C Gill and Co Ltd
  • Samantha Jennings
    Reassuring, challenging, social and an inspirational catalyst for growth. As a sole trading working from home it's challenging to find time out of the day-to-day running of my business to think ahead and plan for the future. As a first-time business owner, I also worry that I am 'doing it right'. Attending the Going for Growth course gave me the reassurance that yes, I am on the right track, and helped to plug those gaps in my knowledge and skills. As a result, I have made changes to ensure my business is built on solid foundations and the basics are right and comply with the correct legislation. The key thing that Going for Growth provided for me was creating that 'time out' from my business, giving me the opportunity to plan for business growth and work ON my business. The course was intense and challenging, but very informative. I enjoyed using real-life examples from my own business as evidence in the workbooks, making the training real and relevant to me. The trainers were knowledgeable and experienced in their fields, they were extremely inspiring people. As were the other 40 participants, the course is a wonderful opportunity for networking alongside the obvious benefits of gaining a qualification and personal development. I highly recommend this course to other small business owners, I look forward to attending more training with Enterprise Made Simple in the future.
    Samantha Jennings
    Made by Mummy Markets
  • Andrew Calder
    I attended Boost Your Business in Newcastle last weekend. As a small business owner looking to increase my understanding of enterprise, I signed up for the residential course thinking I could learn a thing or two about my business and how to grow it and hopefully develop some new skills digital comms techniques.  As it turned out I didn’t learn a thing or two, I learned absolutely loads! We must have crammed a couple of terms worth of work into 3 days, it was full on, intense, but absolutely brilliant. The trainers were first class, they really knew their stuff, were friendly and approachable and made the course extremely enjoyable. When I got home on the Sunday I thought I’d strike while the iron was hot and, using four newly discovered social media resources and techniques from the course, I schedule a tweet for the following day which led to an immediate lead and (fingers crossed) new business. The accommodation was good, excellent food and really lovely people on the course, all of whom we’ll try to keep in touch with. Thank you again Nic and Penni and see you again on future training
    Andrew Calder
    Calder's Kitchen
  • Nathan Platt
    Firstly let me just start with this, if for no other reason to go on this course, you will learn that there are others out there who feel the pressure as you do. The trainers will guide you through the mind field of learning how to let go, how to outsource and share their business knowledge with you freely.
    Nathan Platt
    Solidblueliquid Hosting
  • James Anderson
    I really enjoyed this residential training course it was good to take a break from the normal work/life routine and concentrate on my business growth! I learned a lot of new skills to help my business that I would never have known existed. I will definitely recommend this course! James Anderson Next Dimension Virtual Reality
    James Anderson
    Next Dimension VR
  • Rae Farmer
    This course has helped me in so many ways both personally and professionally.
    Rae Farmer
  • Kathryn Barnes
    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the other trainers for a life-changing weekend as I think you were absolutely fantastic.
    Kathryn Barnes
    Bookkeeping Counts

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