Running A Business With A Family With Carol Metcalfe

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I want to share tips with you if you are running a business with a family. And for some of you, that’ll mean that you might actually be running the business from home as well.

Running A Business With A Family

The first thing is you’re going to get two different types of family. The ones who give support “Wow yes, That’s going to work”. They’ll be there for everything that you’re going to do and they’ll really support you that way.

The other is the opposite of what on earth are you doing? Go and get yourself a proper job. Whichever way that this is, you really shouldn’t be taken that much notice of family and friends because they’re too close to the wood to see the trees.

Working with your family

Let’s just say you’ve got the support of family. Anything you say or tell them, they’re going to go, “Yeah Mm-hmm (affirmative) that’ll work”. Even if they looked on it in a different way and they were trying to play devil’s advocate with it. They will still be too close to it. Just the same as you’re too close to the wood to see the trees and you miss things, the family will as well.

It’s really good to test things out with other people, potential customers, potential suppliers, a mentor, or a like-minded business that might look at things in a different way for you.

If you’re working from home and you have lots of things that you always do within the household and you’re trying to do that and run a business, then I would say try delegating. Write all the things you would normally do for the household. Mark off the ones that you can do and then hand it over to the other members of the family. Ask them and say, “What could you do?”

It’s amazing what they could do even if it’s a six-year-old that might be able to make the bed. The key to that is whatever they do, please don’t go remake the bed. They have to have ownership of that and then all of those tasks that are delegated, make sure you monitor and review it because if you just leave, it’ll probably stop.

But if you keep monitoring and reviewing, is it working right? Or is it the right person for that job, then the chances are it will keep going and it’ll work in the right way.

Please take those tips on board. It makes a massive difference when running a business.