Copyright Infringement

If you are using material created by somebody else without that person’s authorisation, you may be infringing their copyright. Including a disclaimer with this material is unlikely to have any legal effect and will not protect you from copyright infringement!

Get free stunning photos to use on your website

You can be in any industry and photography will play a big part of it. In fact, visual imagery is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content but you don’t want to stick to the tasteless stock photos. I’ve compiled a list of great stock photos that are free to use and great photos.

You may not own *your* website

Do you think you own your website? It’s not always that simple, but it can be a simple check. I discuss a couple of issues that some business face and how to address those roadblocks. It’s definitely worth checking!

A Guide to Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can be confusing to navigate. In this latest article in the HypeXpert series, IP specialists from Ward Hadaway explain what you need to know about IP