How to deal with negative reviews

We chat about dealing with negative reviews whether from someone who’s a customer or someone you’ve never done business with, or even heard of. We talk through a variety of options and techniques of what you can do to deal with this type, and all types, of negative review.

The one thing you’re doing wrong with your customer reviews

Collecting reviews is so important as it creates ‘social proof’ – this is critical to growing our business online, being found and helping us reach our digital marketing goals, because it shows our would-be customer what other people think about us. So, assuming that you are collecting reviews, there’s one thing that I see loads of companies doing, and it’s a huge missed opportunity.

How to create a link for Google reviews

Do you collect reviews on Google? Creating a link that allows users to click and leave you a Google Review directly, without following complex instructions is making your users’ experience better which can help you get more reviews, and promote your business with this powerful user experience feature for social proof.