How do you feel about your business today?

Is it all that you wanted it to be?

Are you achieving your targets and goals?

Do you feel frustrated and stuck?

If you feel stuck, if you feel like you and your business are not reaching your full potential than this may be for you.

High Intensity focussed and premium business coaching.

It should and can feel much better than this and through our one-to-one business coaching we can help you.


This High Intensity Business Coaching is not for everyone. This one-to-one premium support is designed to work with those who are able to offer commitment and focus. This is why we only work with selected clients.

This is completely bespoke to you and your business, using our experience of starting, building and growing to a seven-figure turnover in our own businesses.

You can be assured we have been there and done that. We understand and we will share practical solutions and advice to ensure you meet your targets, whatever they may be.

We are not ‘career coaches’, we are business owners that specialise in helping other business owners reach their full potential.

Our initial High Intensity business coaching is built around a six-week process – meeting you either face-to-face or online at least once a week. Using specified and agreed targets we will help you and empower you to understand, act and implement solutions to reach your goals.

The Intensity Plan

Our six-week process to empower to achieve success within your business.
£ 600+VAT
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Work with Phil Teasdale - Author of "In Cahoots"
  • Unlimited email support with Phil and a wider team of specialists
  • Accountability sessions
  • Target reviews

If this is you, please email, [email protected] to find out more and to book an initial half an hour exploratory zoom call.

As this is results based coaching, this is not for everyone and the fit may not always be right. During the exploratory call we will decide together if this is right for you, if it is not we will suggest other alternatives that may be the right route for you and your business.

Phil Teasdale is the CEO of EMS and the author of ‘In Cahoots’. With over twenty five years experience of starting, growing and building businesses to over seven figures both personally and for hundreds of businesses across the UK on a practical and implementable basis.