Facebook’s Making Your Timeline More Authentic

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Facebook is rolling out new signals to highlight authentic stories

Facebook has been trying to make your timeline as interesting to you as possible since the original inception of EdgeRank – and they’re not done tweaking their current algorithm.

One of our News Feed values is authentic communication

A change to the algorithm means that Facebook is now looking at what makes a story authentic; and will be using new universal signals to choose what to show you (and where in your timeline), so if a post is likely to be authentic, it might show up higher in your feed.

What kind of things does Facebook look at?

There are few things (more than 100,000) that are taken into account, but total number of likes, comments and shares are signals used. Facebook’s looking for people and Pages looking to ‘game’ the system by asking for likes, comments and shares.

If Facebook sees that timeline users are regularly choosing not to see your updates (hiding), then it’s a fairly clear signal that something is ‘up’.

What does this mean for my Facebook Page?

Pages should continue to post stories that are relevant to their audiences.

A lot. And nothing. The advice from Facebook themselves is that while some Pages may see a little boost, some might see minor decreases. But most won’t see any significant changes as far as getting your content out there. So, it’s a little woolly.

But it basically boils down to how you’re running your Page. If your content is awesome, and people are compelled to engage with it, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re asking people to like and share your post, you may want to rethink that strategy.