About us

EMS is the UK’s premier business and management training, consulting, business service and start up service provider.

With a dedicated Executive Education Building based in the North East of England, EMS caters to both individuals and organisational clients from all over the world.

EMS’s vision is to meet the business and management training and consulting needs of all individuals and organisations the world over.

Our mission statement is to deliver an innovative, sustainable and accessible service of premium quality that provides solutions for our clients in every type and size of organisation.

All of our services can be delivered on both a face to face and a digital basis which further adds to the efficiency of the operation and the each clients’ experience.

All of our services are delivered by specialists who possess extensive multi-sector and global knowledge and experience.

We understand the massive challenges facing businesses, generally but also more specifically now as a result of the Covid Pandemic and we are able to deliver our suite of training and coaching to make a measurable difference.

As a business we are committed to bringing the best of the world to the businesses we work with and have several areas of specialism.

We have developed our own accredited training from Level 2 – Level 5 with a new level 5 course based around structured business growth currently in development.

We are the first Fellow of Babson University in Boston USA. Babson is rated the world’s Number 1 organisation for Entrepreneurs (36 years in a row)


Established in 2008

We have helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in establishing themselves in local and international markets.


We deliver various forms of accredited and non-accredited training.

& Coaching

Kick start your businesses growth by booking on to a one-to-one mentoring with a member of our team.


We invite you to join us for good quality conversations, a chance to introduce your business and to meet new contacts.


If you have an idea we can help you develop it into a business.

We deliver accredited and non-accredited training in the following areas (From Level 2 to Level 5) currently on both a face to face and digital basis:

— Working out and implementing solutions to remove those growth barriers
— Leadership and Management Development in conjunction with Design Thinking and organisational change
— Business Recovery and Resilience
— Lean techniques for change and crisis
— Developing new Routes to Market and using the Ideate technique to develop new products and services
— Managing and building thriving teams in an entrepreneurial environment
— Customer Analytics for Growth
— Using Strategic Partnerships to drive Growth
— Measuring, Capturing and retaining value whilst developing a pricing strategy for growth
— Innovation and opportunity
— Digital business model innovation
— Innovative Finance models
— Succession planning
— Selling a business

— Business continuity and development
— Design and Lean thinking to grow a business
— Marketing and Sales development
— Sales strategies for growth
— Online Digital growth for business – social and SEO
— AI and Data for business growth
— Blogging and Podcasting for Growth
— Entrepreneurial Management Approaches
— Innovation Barriers
— Developing customer experiences based on Data mining
— Product Process Model identification
— Identifying a Revenue Process model
— Lean Validation Principles
— And many others.

We currently also provide both Business coaching and consultancy services, which we deliver to either the business principle or the management team and this is usually based around specific business problems or looking at turn around.

We have an accountancy function which we bring in to these sessions often to go through the whole finance function to identify areas of growth.

Our training and consultancy is not sector specific and we have a range of experience across varied sectors with outstanding results...

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