Benefits of Being Green

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What does being green mean? Being green could be painting yourself green like the Mask.

However, being green does usually infer that someone makes changes in their lifestyle to be more sustainable and ‘green’.

Nowadays, the world faces increasing pressure to make a change. 

Each day that goes by is a step closer to trying to make a difference with the help of those that decide to make a change to their traditional ways.

Ways you can do this is here: How to Be an Environmentally-Friendly Business.

Why be green?

It can be hard to convert to different ways of doing your normal day-to-day.

We all can be stuck in our own way, here are some benefits to being green that might persuade you to make the move.

Opportunity for funding

Start-ups who are focused on being green have the opportunity to be eligible for funding from Clean Growth Fund, Carbon Trust Green Business Fund and Bio-energy Capital Grants Scheme.

Take advantage of this opportunity and be environmentally friendly to earn your business the chance of these funding opportunities.

Essentially, if your business starts to focus on being green you can be rewarded. 

Good reputation

57% of consumers in the UK alone have said they are willing to pay for products that are environmentally friendly.

People do pay attention to those being vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly nowadays. Enhancing your green credentials will aid to boost you to stand out in your market. 

Boosts team morale

Low staff turnover can be achieved with the help of good team morale.

Being an eco-friendly company allows staff to see that the company cares. An increased sense of loyalty and satisfaction will be felt by team members.

Further, three-quarters of office workers wish that their employers would do more to help change climate change.

Future adjustments

With climate change being a pressing matter, in future 

To help not play ‘catch up’ work on ways to be energy efficient now in offices. Change out light bulbs to efficient ones. 

This is effectively going to save you time and money. Start to enforce green.

Making it a healthier work environment

It’s not all about swapping light bulbs and ditching cars for bikes. Increase ventilation in the workplace. Add some greenery and not the fake kind for IKEA.

Your team members mental wellbeing might just improve from these adjustments just like increasing loyalty!


Saving money and reducing costs happens when a business starts to focus on the green style. Think about ways to stop waste and start to think about ways to reuse.

Improvements to lighting, water, waste and heating can be made from being efficient.

A reminder that change doesn’t happen overnight

Understandably making drastic changes won’t happen overnight.

So, to just remind you that it’s okay to slowly start to look at ways to change, every little adjustment will help.

Secondly, the main purpose of this resource was to allow you to see that not only can you make changes that will benefit the world but will benefit you.

With this in mind, start to implement being green to see whether you can make a difference. There’s no better feeling than being rewarded for good deeds!

To help you learn everything you need to know to become a green business, we deliver the Innovation Green course.

From this course you will:

  • Develop methods to make your business economically, environmentally and socially sustainable
  • Develop an understanding of climate change, sustainability and environmental protection
  • Acknowledge the roles that business and industry play in protecting the environment
  • Reduce your business’s environmental impact by more efficient use of resources

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