How To Start A Cleaning Business For Yourself Today!

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Have you ever considered starting a cleaning business for yourself? If your answer is yes! Then perfect. Within this resource, you’ll learn the relevant information needed to be able to start a cleaning business.

Finding the right market for a cleaning business

As previously mentioned before, the cleaning industry is a growing market in Tees Valley, so now might be the time to capitalise on that.

You might disagree but most people find cleaning to be tedious and painful. This just alone allows you to see that there is a huge clientele out there to focus on.

Within the cleaning industry, there are three types of cleaning markets; domestic, commercial and specialist.

The choice of which area of the industry you decide to adventure into is decided by the experience and level of skill you have. Don’t forget though just because you might be confident in what you can offer and do, doesn’t mean extra research isn’t required.

It’s always a good idea to do research into your industry. Research could be; research into your competitors? into your target market? All sorts come under this umbrella.

A good resource to have a look at to help alongside this is: Finding Your Target Audience!

Familiarise yourself

To begin with, you need to take time to familiarise yourself with what being a business owner takes.

At first, it will include long hard working hours and might feel like you are putting your all into it and nothing else. However, once you have your feet on the ground you will be able to venture out and start a team of your own.

But for the beginning, take on the tasks yourself, only a few clientele. It’s important that before you hire a team, you create a reliable and high-standard brand image for your business yourself.

Have a budget in mind to start a cleaning business with

Depending on which type of cleaning market will help to determine what pricing and investment into equipment it will take.

The amount of money being put into the business depends on the type of market you choose.

For instance, a domestic cleaning business, typically only needs to invest their money into a few essential items such as cleaning products, a hoover etc. In difference, a specialist or commercial cleaning needs to consider more industrial carpet cleaners and hoovers that tend to be expensive.

Another expense to be noted in the budget is training. Training is subjected to which market as well. Research into different training and see which applies to you. The British Institute of Cleaning Science has more on this!

For more information regarding a budget plan please visit the resource: How Can I Prepare A Business Budget?

What to charge for a cleaning business

Once you have an idea of how much will be spent on expenses, you need to figure out how much to charge to make back the money spent.

Questions to be asked in regards to this is, will you charge an hourly rate? or a flat rate in general?

Clients tend to prefer a flat rate as they know exactly how much they need to pay beforehand. However, the best practice is to research your nearby competitors to generate an estimated price range for your area.

Again, linking this back to the budget, don’t forget to pay yourself an hourly rate and always think about the future. Whether that is putting money aside for equipment and products, it’s good practice to always be prepared.

Products for a cleaning business

Following on with products and materials, it is popular that today’s clients prefer a business who are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

To back this…

start a cleaning business

Now, your cleaning might not be a product, but it is a service that backs being sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only does this help attract more clients but helps your reputation.

Read this helpful review on some of the best eco-friendly cleaning products for more information; read here!

Planning to start a cleaning business

Time to look at the paperwork, the planning. The things that start to put the business into place.

When setting up a business it’s important to look at branding, marketing and of course planning. The business plan is a vital document that outlines the objectives of your business.

It helps to give a clear indication of your idea and what you need to do to get up and running. Now, luckily, for you, our very own journalist Gabi has made a guide free of charge on writing a business plan, to access this click here!

Moving forward with planning, there is marketing. Marketing is becoming the most useful way of gathering clients. In today’s day and age, the online world provides so many advantages to businesses. Advantages such as being able to interact with communities, creating relationships and hopefully in return an advocate of your business.

Again, a useful resource that will help you with your marketing is Developing Your Marketing Plan!

start a cleaning business
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It is strictly important that you must register your business with HMRC.

Find more about how to do this here: How to Register a Business (with checklist)

Lastly, Clients

It’s no good if you’ve set up your cleaning business with no intention to find clients.

Clients will be the backbone of your venture. They will provide you with new clients and profit. It is of the utmost priority that you follow a marketing plan and look into how you are going to attract your clients.

Clients will appreciate incentives this could be a loyalty card every tenth purchase you get 15% off.

Good luck!

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