Which is better, iOS (Apple) or Android (Google)?

This is something that many have asked, but I usually avoid getting in the middle of something that can be oddly emotional for people. In this article, I share some of my thoughts and reasons for making the choices I’ve made for the software and hardware of phones and tablets that may help you in making your choice.

Note-taking apps you can use for your business

Whether you’re a lover of pen & paper, a digital note-taking app can be an efficient and productive companion that you always have in your pocket! Here’s a list of some of the better known ones to get you started.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard – the Google Keyboard for iOS & Android – has everything you love about Google Keyboard – speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing and more – plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and share, right from your keyboard.