Why You Should Support and Connect With Other Businesses

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Have you ever thought about why you should support and connect with other businesses? 

We have seven reasons why!

You can share knowledge

Every business owner has a different level of knowledge and experience. By connecting with different people, you can learn a lot from every single one of them. 

Having conversations with other entrepreneurs allows you to find out what challenges they face, how they overcome them and how they achieve success. You can also share your own experience, help and inspire those who are just starting out.

Show example by supporting small businesses yourself

Are you trying to attract more customers to buy from your small business? 

But if you buy everything from places like Amazon, it doesn’t look that good on you, does it?

So why don’t you show the example first! Support other small businesses by buying from them and sharing your best finds on social media. This way you’ll show both your potential and existing customers why they should support a small business like yours!

by connecting with other business owners you can increase your social media following

You can increase your social media following

After buying something from a small business and sharing it on your social media, connect with the owner of that business and ask if they would be willing to show your business to their followers. As you’ve already supported them, they’ll be more likely to do so!

Another way you can show support without spending any money is simply by sharing their content on your stories. Small business owners know how difficult it can be to build social media following, so if they see that you’ve done them a favour, they’ll probably return it by sharing some of your content.

You can also collaborate with other businesses to run a competition. By giving people a chance to win something you increase the awareness of your business and attract new followers. 

If you want to learn more about how to run a successful competition on social media, watch this video

you can share work with other businesses

You can get referrals from other businesses

Can you think of any businesses that offer products or services that your customer benefit from? If so, they are probably thinking the same thing about your business! 

Connect with those businesses and help each other by referring customers. For example, if you’re a nail technician, your customers might also want to get their hair done. While you can’t provide that service yourself, you could refer them to a hairstylist you know and the other way round. 

You can share work with competitors

If you think that competitors are your enemies, you’re wrong! By communicating with your competitors you can not only learn how to stand out from them but also find out more about what they do, discuss industry news and trends and even share some work. 

Yes, you read that right! If either you or your competitors are too busy, you can refer clients to each other, so they still receive the services they need.

You can boost your confidence

Sometimes we all think that we’re not good enough at doing something and need some reassurance from others. 

When you have one of those moments, talking with other business owners can help you realise that you’re not the only one feeling this way. Hearing stories from others can also help you boost your confidence and inspire you not to give up when times get tough.

You know people that can help you when needed

By building and maintaining relationships with other business owners you create a list of people that can help you when you need it. For example, if you connect with people who run accounting or marketing businesses, you can contact them when you get stuck.

It’s easier than trying to find someone new. And they might even offer you a little discount just because they know you!

Do you want to connect with other businesses?

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