5 Surefire Ways to Increase Sales

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The Internet has changed how people do their business. Even small business owners are able to reach the global market inexpensively nowadays, selling anything from apparel, collectibles, to computer software, service and coaching.

The core of every business is sales. Many of the strategies to increase sales offline are applicable online, but not all of them. On the Internet, everybody can afford to fail fast and learn from it. Better still, after years of testing and tracking what works online, people can just learn from other people’s experience and cut the learning curve tremendously.

Here are 5 of the surefire ways to increase sales:

Establish an affiliate program

If it is just another affiliate program, then don’t expect to have different results. Focus on building a good affiliate program, with the tools and materials to support affiliates to promote a program easily. After all, affiliates work like clockwork and should be seen as a team. Provide them with the right promotion tools and they will more likely promote the program.

Give the customers an option to join the affiliate program after purchase. Satisfied customers are one of the best marketing for any business. Spread the good words through word of mouth. Best of all, they are paid just for doing that.

Follow-up after first purchase

The hardest task in any business is acquiring the first sale. Make sure that capturing customers’ names and email addresses are the least information gathered from a sale. With that information in hand, follow-up with existing customers, probably through an automated mechanism like a timely autoresponder.

This effort has been proven to decrease refunds on products and increase customers’ satisfaction. Every once in a while, mention a related product that might be of interest to the customers. Write a review and provide real results. Such promotion is extremely inexpensive but very effective in practice. The product can be anything, including an affiliate program.

Use the up-sell technique

Just before a customer checks out to the payment gateway, prompt for an optional upgrade to the better, bigger, or nicer product for a fairly steep discount, preferably not available elsewhere.

A certain number of customers will choose the option, which translates into additional sales, almost without additional effort.

Provide discount coupons

Coupons urge customers to come back and shop. Promotional coupons work for both advertising and some forms of joint venture. Customers love to know that they get a lower price for what they buy. Coupons make it so real and tangible.

Cross-promote with other related products

There is no limit as to how this could be accomplished. A joint venture with other businesses or even competitors is feasible as long as it brings a win-win situation.

One example would be to give away a sample of another product or service as part of the whole package. As long as the sample is relevant to the customer, this promotion could only be seen as an added value instead of pure advertising.

There are many other tactics to increase sales but the above tips have been proven to work again and again. Choose one at a time and take action. Good luck.