12 Business Tips From Business Owners Already Rocking Their Field

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When it comes to business advice why not listen to someone who has been there and done that? Take a look at these tips from business owners!

My tip would be, network as much as you can. Make friends

Howy White, CED Stone Group

My top business tip has been and always will be to surround myself with great, positive, people and inevitably good things do happen. And never stop networking as every meeting could be an opportunity – I love meeting new people and sharing ideas!! Hope that’s enough of a nugget for everyone.

Sharon Lashley, Enviro UK Consultants Limited

My tip is more of a personal growth… Always ‘Belive in yourself and your Business no matter how hard things are. And give Gratitude everyday

S-Khatri Fatu, Tamara’s Beautique

You must have a plan in place whether it’s sales plan or marketing plan and work on it every day to enable you to help your business thrive. This so important to make sure you have an income coming in until your business can pay you a wage this will help you to build your business with less stress as well as having the funds to keep investing in your business.

Nichola English, Nichola English The Wardrobe Provocateur

Simple, link up with a business advisor who can support the business from self-development to staff training and to source financial support to assist with this

Michelle Ball

Top tip sounds obvious but customer service always it’s not that difficult to put into place but amazed at many neglects it!

Martin Robinson, Oscars Pet Food

If its one tip you want I think the best thing I can say is summed up in one word..perseverance.. its took me 30 years to get to where I am.. never never give up.

Mark Lloyd, Mark Lloyd Jewellery Designer

Disaster recovery isn’t just for big businesses. Don’t wait until the worst happens. Make a plan, test whether it works and make sure you have in place everything you need. Disaster recovery testing every six months can save you money and heartache.

Rosie Brent, RosieBrent.com

Invest time in allowing your employees to express themselves and grow. They are the most valuable asset you have.

Rob Heerin , Rob Heerin HR Ltd

Make time for relaxation, because your brain just seems to work better if you release the pressure.

Kim Holdstock, Verd

Working together is a lot more fun and more productive than on your own. Every day has it high and lows. The lows are just challenges that you have not let achieved yet – but you will. Talking to like-minded people can help you overcome most things.

Martin Shipley, Who-Ray

An old simple one of mine… “A sale is not a Sale until it’s paid for”

Dennis Bailey