Carol Metcalfe’s Guide To Staying Positive

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I want to talk to you about staying positive. We live in quite a negative world(sadly😔), where the media reports much more of the negative news and stories. But very rare tells us the good things that are happening.

I’ve tried to live my life in a positive way. I try and take the positives forward and park the negatives. It’s something that came from my grandma years ago, she said;

“Carol, there’s no point in worrying about the things that you can’t do anything about. Once you’ve done everything you possibly can, park it, and then move forward.”

Carol’s grandma

I’ve always taken that on board and tried to do that. But this negative world we live in keeps coming back. Again and again, we’re focusing on all the bad things.

What We Are Doing Wrong?

We focus too heavily on the negative, for example. I could go to work, and in the morning I could have the best sale I’ve ever had, and I could feel fantastic. I could be smiling. I’ve got a little bit of a skip in my step. This is a great day. By the afternoon, I might get 20 absolutely fantastic feedbacks, testimonials of different customers. I’m lifted, wow, this day couldn’t get any better.

Then, at five to five, just before I leave the office, I get one negative review. All of a sudden, you forget all the positive. It’s all wiped out the way. You’re just focused on, “Oh I thought bad review, that bad review.” All the way home, you’re just focusing on the negative.

How To Stay Positive

Can you change that way of thinking? Can you park those negatives and take positives forward? And out of every situation, you can find a positive. It might be, “It didn’t work that way and it didn’t work that way. Let’s not worry about the time or money wasted, it worked that way.” “Or it might be, it didn’t work that way, that way or that way. I’ll not do it again.” You can always make a positive in a situation.

If you think at the end of every day, instead of focusing on negative things, if you think, what are the three best things that have happened that day and focus on those, and do that every day? And at the end of the week, what’s the best three things that have happened that week. Keep doing that 21 days. You should start to change your habit.