Carol Metcalfe’s Time Management Tips

Table of Contents

The best tip I can give you on time management is using a diary, but using the right diary in the right way.

First of all, you’ve got to find the right diary when that works for you and that’s not an easy thing. We really have to know which way we operate.

  • Is it a colour-coded diary?
  • Is it some kind of bullet journal?
  • Is it something that tells you every 15 minutes throughout the day?
  • Does it have slots on it for emails, and phone calls, and delegation?

Have a look around, there are loads out there, find the right one that you think will work for you.

Your Time Management Diary

When you get that diary, write everything you possibly can into it.

  • start planning ahead
  • start to put your meetings in
  • start to put travel time
  • when you’re going to get supplies
  • whatever it is start to put everything in the diary.

If you just concentrate on those things in the diary, each opportunity, so let’s say I’m going to answer my emails, I’ll look at answering my emails and that’s all I’ll do, I’ll not get sidetracked on something else.

If you try to put all of those together, you’ll structure your day in a much better way and everything will have a purpose instead of saying, actually I’m not really sure what I’m meant to do with this moment.

When you’ve done that for about a week, have a look back at that diary. You’ll probably see some kind of pattern form, and the patterns normally tell you your most productive parts of the day, whether you’re a lark and you operate best in the morning, or whether you’re an owl and you operate much better in an evening.

Then put the things that you really need to do in those times when you’re most productive. Start keeping that diary, it will make a difference to your time management.