Fully Funded Training Is Now Back In The Tees Valley!

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Yes, that’s right Going For Growth is back! And it’s completely fully funded!

What is Going for Growth?

It’s an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Developing Enterprise Skills. This certificate allows you to meet other like-minded SME businesses, gives you time that might not have in your day-to-day life set goals for you and your business.

We will help you working out and implement solutions to remove those growth barriers, help you identify growth opportunities and putting practical solutions into practice.

This training will also allow you to identify areas of marketing opportunities and practical application, develop digital marketing solutions. As well as, developing a budget and considering practical sources for funding the growth and consider sales techniques and how to implement them. We will be talking about cash flow and how to make it work for you. We can help you increase your profits by at least 10% in 10 weeks.

Going for Growth is designed to use your own business as the case study so that everything you do and everything you learn has a practical application to your business. This will directly influence the Growth of your business profits.

The course is delivered in wonderful surroundings, it includes all food, drinks and materials. This is brand new content and brand new ways, tricks and tips to grow your business, develop and utilise your enterprising skills, to build an amazing growth trajectory in your business.

This workshop and qualification is aimed at equipping you, your employees and the companies of the Tees Valley to grow, sustain and flourish.

Who can get this course fully funded?

  • SME businesses based in the Tees Valley (SME business are those that employ less than 249 employees)
  • Owners, Managers or employees of that business

Something you would like to do? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!