Growth Hacks You Need To Do Today!

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Want to streamline your business to be more efficient? Try these growth hacks today. This is a list of experiments you can implement to your business today to make your day that little bit easier.

Repurpose Your Blog Content

You may have heard that video has become an emerging convert tool that your customers want to see as it is more engaging than just text or photo-based posts. Where can you come up with ideas? Use your blog content! You can turn a few points from your blog content to make video content for your business. You can the best of both worlds, your blog content will be discovered by search engines while your video content can be used on social media.

Add Social Share Links On Webpages

Seen as we have just touched on social media, you need to ask yourself “is it easy for web visitors to share your content?” After all, it’s a perfectly good way to allow more people to see and reach content. If you think it’s difficult to share consider adding share buttons on your blog posts. AddThis offer a create service that allows you to add social share buttons straight onto your website with ease.

Find Your Most Talkative Customers

Basically, who thinks you’re the bee’s knees? Which one of your customers loves to support your business? You the know the one. Make a list of customers that support you and ask them to share your content you put onto social media or via email to their contacts. This will increase your reach and increase your chance of taking on new customers.

Make Free Tools

While the content you are making at the moment, like blog posts, is great because it’s free advice that anyone can use and we value and appreciate this. However, why don’t you upgrade your content and more value to your service? Make free tools like kits, templates and calculators(if you know how to do this) for your audience to use. With this you can premium free content they can download, you can use this opportunity to learn more about your audience and develop leads using opt-in forms.

Test, Evaluate, Repeat Growth Hacks

These growth hacks are great and some will work and some won’t work for business. This is to be expected but why not test these growth hacks and any others you come across till they work for your business. This will only improve and add value to your business.