Having A System For Business Growth

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Systems are perhaps the key area to develop business growth. You can have the best product or service in the world but without the right system, it is impossible to grow. Systems are one of the easiest areas in business to implement and they will make your life much better, yet they are often the area of business growth that gets neglected or overlooked. Systems help your business to run, smoothly, efficiently and most importantly Profitably.

Business Process Being Mapped out
Business Process Being Mapped out

Why wouldn’t you concentrate on systems?

Almost all business owners I have worked with – work too hard. Their business doesn’t work too hard – they do. Most business owners are like this because they don’t trust anyone else to do the job. This hampers growth massively.

All successful growing businesses and business owners are good at delegating. So start testing and measuring now to help develop your systems.

First thing first – remember we are looking to grow our business. Identify the areas of your business which can be systemised.

  • Do you do repetitive jobs every which can be systemised so somebody else can do them for you?
  • Do you keep a count of the number of leads that come into your business every day, week, month, year? If not why not?
  • Are you able to tell how many of your leads from wherever they may come to your business convert into sales?
  • How often do customers buy from you?
  • What is the average pound sale that each of your customers makes?
  • What is your profit margin?

Six simple ideas you can implement today to make sure your business is systemised, productive and most importantly growing.

Make sure you have a clear picture of what you are looking to achieve and be really clear about how you will travel that journey. Don’t rely on others to be able to systemise your business, this is your responsibility and your task.

Do it today.