How to Run A Business And Have A Life

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Maintaining a good work/personal life can prove to be challenging while running a business. Small business owners are working 13 hours a week more than the UK average but they’d love to cut that down (who wouldn’t want to cut their hours down). So how can we plan to work smarter so we’re not over-worked?

Build Your Team, Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate

We all love to be in control, especially when it’s your own business. Doing everything yourself won’t do you any favours and you’ll end up feeling burnt out, exhausted and quickly lose that motivation that originally got you up in the morning.

To run a business means you can’t hold onto the reigns forever. You would be holding on to an enormous workload that someone else could be doing. When it’s time to hire someone you will know. Taking on an employee can be a challenge but it will be worth it in the long term. New employees mean business growth which means you can take on bigger, more impressive projects. Doesn’t mean you have to take someone on a full time, you can take someone part-time, zero-hours contract or you could outsource your work. There’s always an avenue to go down and relieve the stress.

Schedule Personal Time

If you run a business, you live by looking at who you meeting today in your calendar. Much like when you schedule a meeting, you should learn to carve out time for yourself in your diary.

What personal events can you not miss? A meal out with the in-laws, spending time with your family, catching up with old friends, the list can go on. Make it clear that you are unavailable at these times; make sure you stick to it.

Go On Holiday

If your business can’t cope without you for a week or two, it’s in bigger trouble than you think. You can’t (and won’t) always be available to work. Taking a vacation is a good excuse to prepare your staff to operate without you, in the case of an emergency.

Not only is getting a week away in the sun a great experience for any business owner, but it also provides you with the time you need to unwind. You’ll return to your business refreshed and raring to go.

Commit To Being Healthy

To run a business you need to be in tip-top health. Get eight hours of sleep, eat foods that fuel you to keep your body going throughout the day, do something physical activity a few days a week, and take walks during the day to break your day up.

Learning to do healthy habits will give you the energy to go home and live your personal life—rather than slumping on your bed the moment you get home.