How to avoid burning out as a business owner

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Running a business you love is great fun and games, however, it can tiring at times. A couple of people that recently attended our growth training have asked us to overcome burning out as a business owner.

These are our tips to overcome burning out as a business owner:

Taking a break

Yes, it is as simple as taking a break! Put an out-of-office message and don’t respond to the emails. Doesn’t have to be a long break, it can be taking a Friday off, giving you a long weekend off. A key bit of advice that once told to me was, always have a holiday or break booked to look forward to you.

Plan some free time

Clear those back to back schedules and make sure you get a lunch break. Even if it’s 30 minutes break to have a cuppa and take a scroll through Facebook, for example. That time gives you time to recharge and feel inspired. The chances are you’ll do more in your time by taking breaks than powering through all day.

Follow your passion

Starting and running a business is time-consuming, there’s no ifs and buts about it. As time will go on, you will have to put more time into your business. That’s why it’s important you focus your time and energy on doing something you enjoy and are passionate about.

If you’re feeling tired, take a nap!

Naps aren’t just for kids or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Why don’t you take a brief, 20-minute nap? it’s better than having a coffee, after coffee, after coffee. It will leave you feeling more refreshed.

Take a walk

Getting exercise in during the day is great for giving you enthusiasm for the day and can relieve you from stress. I like to go for a run along the beach before work and it leaves me with a certain energy to carry me through the day.

You need a hobby

A great way of restressing and switching off is having a hobby. I play and coach cricket, it’s a great laugh and more importantly I forget about everything else that is going on. Having a hobby can be therapeutic, you can come to work recharged and ready to go.