How to Create Thumb-Stopping Content

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Today, social media allows a business a ton of new opportunities. 

To be able to grasp these new opportunities requires the right approach online.

The ‘right approach’ could mean many things but in today’s case, it’s about looking at creating thumb-stopping content.  

Thumb-stopping content is content that stops someone from scrolling. To give a reason why this is important; on average a person scrolls through 52 miles worth of content and spends 142 minutes a day online.

Creating ‘thumb-stopping content’ is an achievement and can benefit a business highly.

Keep on reading to see how you and your business may achieve this!

The Target Audience

Beginning with the target audience.

We can’t stress enough at EMS how important it is to align your marketing efforts with the correct demographics to make sure that content is being delivered to the right audience.

To learn more about your target audience, read Finding your Target Audience and Why it’s Important!


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What Makes A Thumb-Stopping Post?

Content can be split into two different components; video/images and copy.

High-quality images or video content is a good way, to begin transforming your content from scroll-worthy to thumb-stopping. 

You may think ‘I already do this but are not seeing the results?’ If so, step back and revaluate the images and videos you are posting.

  • Do they post a bit blurred? 
  • Are they one of the following; entertaining, informative or engaging?
  • Are you consistent with the content standard?
  • Do you reflect your values and brand effectively?
  • Could you be over-posting/spamming?
  • Is your content appropriate for your audience?
  • Do you reflect your personality in the content?

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself, it allows you to open up to different approaches and especially allows you to see what is succeeding and what isn’t.

Following up with the question about whether the content is one of the following; entertaining, informative or engaging? 

Simply, does your content serve a purpose and value to your consumer? You put yourself at an advantage if doing so. 

Audiences will be more likely to engage with your content as they feel they are receiving something from doing so.

File shaped outline with music, photo and video icons inside.


Again, keeping high-quality images and video is key.

Sites like Unsplash and Pexels offer plenty of high-quality great images for free!

Further, post pictures involving you or the team behind the business.

It offers a personal touch to your social media. People are nosey and love to see more than just the product or service.


83% of the population own a smartphone. 

To not make content phone-friendly would make a massive impact on who is viewing your content. 

Always double-check the ratio of the minimum or maximum social media image sizes.

We have prepared all the 2022 image social media sizes here.


Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are all social media platforms where someone can let their creativity go wild.

Take advantage of this and make content more eye-catching. More eye-catching can only help someone wanting to stop scrolling.


A strong call to action is a must.

You don’t want the reader to be guessing what’s next and leaving the customer journey.

A clear link, button or action is highly recommended.

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