How to Give Your Content More Personality

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed when creating content to promote your business? Do you feel like you provide useful information, engage with your audience but still see no results? It’s not a surprise you are wondering what you’re doing wrong or what is missing. The answer might be simple… your content is lacking personality!

People buy from people, not from businesses. That’s why it’s very important to build that relationship by letting your potential (and existing!) customers know who is hiding behind the name of your business. Once they know how you look and sound like, your story and some bits from your personal life, it will be so much easier to create a connection and build trust as they can relate to you as a person. 

If you’re an owner of a bigger business with many employees and a number of offices in different locations, you might be thinking that this won’t work for you. Let us prove you wrong! All your employees have their own personalities and their own stories to tell! Remember, it doesn’t have to be one person’s voice – every single team member builds your company’s culture, so why don’t you show that.

So now, let’s have a look at some tips on how to give your content more personality.

Write in first person

Many small business owners try to hide behind the ‘we’ when creating content. It can definitely make you look bigger than you actually are – especially if you’re a sole trader. However, bigger doesn’t mean better! So don’t be afraid to show that you are running your business alone and switch from ‘we’ to ‘I’. 

Of course, if you have a bigger team, writing everything in the first person isn’t the best option. But there’s still time and place when you can do so. A great example is sharing something about your business on your personal social media accounts. You can use the same image or blog post or even share the post you’ve already published on your business’s page. But rewrite the caption to make it sound more natural! 

Moreover, if you want to celebrate your team’s success by posting something on socials, why don’t you mention their names! Let your followers know who those people are and why they are an important part of your business.


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Show your personality by writing how you talk

If all your written content is very formal and full of big words it can not only be too difficult to understand but can also get quite boring. Even if you provide useful information, it can easily get ignored if it’s not written in a conversational style. 

To make it less dull and bring some personality to your written content, try to write the way you speak. Be enthusiastic about the topic, ask questions and keep things simple. After typing everything, read it out loud. Does it sound like you? Do you struggle to pronounce some words?

Your vocabulary doesn’t have to be complicated. You can convey the same message using simple words. That will make it easier to read, especially if someone is just scanning through. Also, always remember that you’re trying to create a connection between you and your audience and have conversations with them. So adapt your language, get more conversational and don’t be afraid to use humour.

show your personality by writing how you talk

Tell a good story

People want to know more about you and they always want to read or hear something new. They won’t pay attention to something they already know. So what do you do? You tell them a story from your own experience!

When it comes to telling stories, you have a number of options: 

  • To increase engagement, you can choose a funny story from your personal life. If your online presence is more serious and corporate, including something like that can show a different side of you. 
  • To show your expertise in the industry, you can create some educational content. Share something you’ve learnt through all that experience you have.
  • You can try to get emotional. Showing your vulnerable side will prove to your audience that there’s a real person behind the name of the business. You can choose to share something personal or react to something happening in the world. 

Express your personality by showing behind the scenes 

People are curious. They don’t only want to know about your success, they want to know what you do day to day to achieve it. 

Social media is a great place to show behind the scenes of your business! With features like stories or short videos such as TikToks/Reels, you can share your everyday life, including some personal bits without worrying that your content doesn’t look as professional as on your feed. Make sure you don’t hide your face and speak in your videos – once your audience knows and remembers how you look and sound like, they’ll feel way more connected to you! 

So get your phone out and start documenting your journey! 

express your personality by showing behind the scenes of your business

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Of course, no one wants to come across as unprofessional by leaving loads of grammar mistakes in your written content, especially if it’s on your official website or some printed marketing materials. 

However, when it comes to social media, don’t stress too much about writing every single caption perfectly! You’re only a human – don’t be afraid to show that. Also, if someone spots a mistake, they might point it out in the comments. And more comments = more engagement. 

You can also break some grammar rules such as starting a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’ to make your content sound more conversational.


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