How to Keep Having That “EUREKA!” Moment

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Don’t you just love celebrating a win? That feeling in the workplace brings your team together and raises overall happiness. But how can you make the “EUREKA” moment last? It all starts with a company’s culture, if that’s not there then you can never reach that “EUREKA” moment.

Use Collaboration Tools

In this day and age, modern tools make it easier than ever to communicate with your team. So take advantage to improve your team’s communications skills and boost company culture. Even if it’s a motivational GIF on a morning to your team. You can use tools like Slack or Skype or Google Hangouts to communicate with your team.

Learn From Mistakes

No matter who made the mistake and no matter the size of your workforce, your employees should know about problems within in the company so the same mistake isn’t repeated and everyone knows not to make it again. But don’t neglect the person who made the mistake, mistakes happen, get behind them as a team and work together to move forward.

Reward Key Players

In every organisation, they’re people that have an amazing work ethic that strive to meet goals. Reward them for it and others will follow in their footsteps because they will want an extra slice of cake as well. How you reward your employees is completely up to you, it could be a bonus or give them an extra days holiday, the choice is yours.

Autonomous Employment

Employees that given freedom will perform better than employees forced to work in “strict”. They also have a more positive opinion on work. So allow them to leave work a little bit early every now and then, allow them to plan their working schedule as they see fit.