LinkedIn Extension: Notifications

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Do you find yourself struggling to log into LinkedIn? Perhaps you’ve not quite found your groove there yet?

If logging onto LinkedIn seems like a little bit of a chore, then the professional social network is seemingly thinking about you with this feature. In good news for users of the Google Chrome browser, LinkedIn has recently released a Chrome Extension that allows you to see new notifications from your LinkedIn profile, straight in your browser.

This extension lights up with a new notification count whenever you have new activity waiting for you at LinkedIn.

Which is nice. That, for now, is pretty much all it does – but hopefully, the Microsoft owned LinkedIn will be continuing to develop this feature. Notifications are what tends to bring users back into the networking fold – if we know that what we’re doing is gaining traction, we’re more likely to spend more time there.

Clicking on the extension’s icon is also an easy way to take you directly to the LinkedIn website to view your new activity.

This is a true statement, but forgive me for not getting too excited about a shortcut.

But seriously though, I’m actually quite excited about this. LinkedIn is ignored by many – which is a shame because it can do truly remarkably powerful things. But with Facebook Workplace chasing its tail – it needs to up its game.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.