My names Phil and I’m a Procrastinator

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It is true and I have to hold my hands up and admit this to the whole world. My companies name would be and should be the one that everyone has heard of if I just had time to send this email, whilst catching up on the box set of Jessica Jones, ironing the kid’s uniform for tomorrow, sending this tweet, checking my Facebook, just calling John, making tea and everything else that is stopping me asking that client for the next contract.

Nothing is so draining and stressful as the eternal presence of an unfinished task.

There are plenty of ways to sabotage your personal happiness, dreams and desires.

Procrastination is the number one killer.

Procrastinators are self-destruct. They hinder their own potential by placing colossal roadblocks along the path to happiness and success.  In other words, they subconsciously choose to fail.

Do you put off doing things that would bring you closer to your desired goals?  Why are we so foolish?

It has something to do with how our daily responsibilities overwhelm us.  In the midst of all the important things we know we need to do, we somehow convince ourselves that none of these things needs to be done right now.  In other words, we decide that some peace and relaxation in the short term is what’s most important.

So we take another break, read another blog post, watch another TV show and just kick back and relax.  And life is blissfully dandy… for a little while.  But then suddenly the inevitable deadline has arrived.  Ahhh!  It’s panic time!

By taking the time and initiative to understand your own reasons for procrastinating and devoting a little energy to take the necessary steps to move forward, you can beat procrastination.  We all can.

In fact, simply writing this article was a testament to this.  I kept procrastinating on writing it because I lacked focus.  So here I am in my office at 7 pm, I have eliminated all distractions, kept the end in mind and started writing.

And as usual, starting was the hardest part.  Now I’m done.

Apart from saying, now you have stopped procrastinating why not grow your business?


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