Copyright Infringement

If you are using material created by somebody else without that person’s authorisation, you may be infringing their copyright. Including a disclaimer with this material is unlikely to have any legal effect and will not protect you from copyright infringement!

SEO, The Untapped Goldmine: Interview With An SEO Expert

SEO can be an indispensable tool in helping potential customers on the internet find your business. In this next instalment of the on-going BQ Expert Series, Publicity Seekers’ Jonathan Saunders speaks with James Lane, Co-Founder and Training Director of digital marketing & social media training provider, Hypestar, about how you can use SEO correctly.

7 Ways to Use Humour in Social Media Marketing

If you follow brands like Wendy’s, Old Spice, Hamburger Helper, or even the company that makes Moon Pies for the sass and humour, you aren’t alone. Many brands are turning to humour, and audiences are eating it up.

How to remember what you’re saying…

We’ve all been there. We’ve planned our video, we know our content and we hit that record button and our brain leaves the building. So how do you remember what you’re saying when recording a video? Here are a few tips for you.

Top Trends that will shape the future of Digital Marketing

Technologies are constantly changing and with it, the style and manner of advertising and especially Digital Marketing is continuously in flux. In this article, we will go through some of these critical points which can help you design a better Digital Marketing Strategy for your Ventures and businesses.

When is a link not an SEO link?

Being such a vital aspect of SEO, we’re often asked about link building and how do you spot links that actually count towards your SEO, so we thought we would give you some tips and free tools to try out.

The power of visual communication

In this HypeXpert series article, Graeme Rowatt from Burns Rowatt Photography talks about the power of visual communication & ensuring your images talk!

A Guide to Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can be confusing to navigate. In this latest article in the HypeXpert series, IP specialists from Ward Hadaway explain what you need to know about IP