Top Trends that will shape the future of Digital Marketing

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Technologies are constantly changing and with it, the style and manner of advertising and especially Digital Marketing is continuously in flux. In this article, we will go through some of these critical points which can help you design a better Digital Marketing Strategy for your Ventures and businesses.

Top Trends that will shape the future of Digital Marketing
  1. Personalisation through Data Collection

    Consumers on a general note do dislike advertisements, but that is only because they keep seeing irrelevant ads that do not add any value to their time or any other aspect. Data insights can be used by Brands to tell a custom-tailored story to the right audience. Code igniter developer Brands can add value to their ad campaigns by understanding their audience’s needs and changing generic ad channels into personalised customer experiences.

  1. Automated Commerce

    In 2018, AI and innovative tech are going to take e-commerce to the new heights. Automated delivery will shape the future of shopping and self-learning AI’s will ensure that the entire consumer journey will be handle led by smart devices. AI-powered “searching and purchasing” a product will be a common thing by 2018.Apps like Amazon and others are already customising shopping experiences based on users’ catalogue browsing histories and past purchasing behaviours. The integrated shopping experience is becoming essential, and consumer expectations are rising.

  1. Storytelling over Media Formats

    Content is the King when it comes to relevance in Digital Marketing. Create Content that matters to the public and not that only appeals to the boardrooms. Only with real passion, you can create content that is relevant and appeals to the better nature of the general public. Consumers will resonate better and valuable content that is useful to them in some sense. They will take out time to read out your content, and if it feels like a waste of time, it deemed useless and reduces website traffic drastically.

  1. Mobile-first
    [Tweet “Even Google’s new policies favour mobile websites first over its counterparts on desktops”]Optimising your Digital Marketing Strategy for Mobile applications will ensure a better ROI on your efforts as most online shopping now is taking place on mobile devices. M-commerce has risen to majority levels when it comes to searching or buying something online. Using an App to purchase something is much simpler, faster and convenient for users anywhere so focus your efforts on the Mobile application. Even Google’s new policies favour mobile websites first over its counterparts on desktops.
  1. Chatbot Revolution

    Although AI is still in infant stages it is being used as an extensive tool is dealing with many things. From automation of online purchasing to providing loneliness partners and online AI friends, it is used everywhere. AI-powered computer programs are redefining interactions between brands and consumers. Chatbots facilitate Convenience and speed and they are the most significant advantages for businesses. The time spent with messaging and social media apps have grown vastly and although we do not have a cure for loneliness yet we are facing a future full of unlimited ChatBots that can help recover or at least find a companion of your choice.

  1. Blockchain

    Blockchain not only changes the game for finance but hold great importance for fields like Digital Marketing. It removes the need for paying a third party between advertisers and site owners or publishers. Blockchain creates a direct communication channel between advertisers and website owners leaving middlemen like Google and Facebook out of the loop and eventually reducing advertising costs and maximising profits.

All these strategies are a sure shot help but merely implementing them does not ensure a safe and secure 2018 for your company. Always keep evolving with consumer needs and consumer satisfaction and these factors are volatile and keep changing. To adapt to these and modifying strategies accordingly is the only key to creating a winning strategy for a successful business.