Note-taking apps you can use for your business

Whether you’re a lover of pen & paper, a digital note-taking app can be an efficient and productive companion that you always have in your pocket! Here’s a list of some of the better known ones to get you started.

How do you put two videos together?

If you want to edit two videos together to make one awesome video, or just piece/splice some individual shots together – here’s how you do it for free. We use HitFilm for this demo.

Grammarly: Free Grammar Checker

Do you make mistakes when you’re writing? Grammarly is a free tool that keeps your error-free and ensures that what you’re writing is effective copy every time! It’s free, so you can give it a go right now.

6 Best Mobile Social Media Apps For 2016

Social Media Apps Facebook and Twitter are the leading social media apps, but in the past few years Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have joined the ranks, which the internet love. […]